2016 Annual Physical Examination


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It’s the time of the year again and it seems like a lot of thing never really did change or should I say never did improve. Other than me having my monthly period every time (though it is on my favor) the process is still the same and you will just get disappointed to expect the long queue will be eliminated as time goes by especially on the X-ray part. It got even worst this time that the rain poured while we are in line to get inside that mobile x-ray venue not to mention the unfortunate chance when the machine broke down during our turn. I wonder what’s the solution for this but I think the service provider has been replaced. Is it the process, the equipment or the people?



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I have lots of mucicians friend but recently I get hold of a bunch of dancing friends too. I call them my new family. And since it was my birthday last Monday, September 19, 2016 ; they decided to organize a post-birthday celebration for me right at our nutrition center or at our dance studio. It happened yesterday, where we had pot luck.

What we actually did is that, we danced the Zumba first and after getting tired from several music we had the food trip. There’s cake, coffee jelly, roasted chicken, sizzling tofu, pancit, ice cream, squid dish, chicken sisig, garlic bread, softdrinks and a lot.

I thank the Lord as I really felt so blessed for having them in my life.

My 34th Birthday


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my set of birthday food

I have been existing in this world for thirty four (34) wonderful years already. I could not think of a single year when I had it celebrated in a manner like I saw on television or in some of my fortunate friends. I never had the seventh birthday party and even a debutantes treatment when I reached eighteen.

All those birthdays just passed naturally. So when my father asked do you have any celebration, did you prepare any food or something. I just said my birthday will end tomorrow, I’ll just let it pass. But I am thankful about everything in my life more so that things happen just because of the choices I have made and actions I have done.

Just like anybody else who still exists, I am lucky to have another set of months, weeks and days to live. So for this year, I just went to Mother of Perpetual Help Shrine, had lunch at the Mall of Asia and just a simple date with my husband. Reaching home I cooked spaghetti and spring rolls for our dinner then my son prepare a pitcher of juice and that’s it.

As always the tons of greetings that I got just amazed me.

Goodbye Emotera


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I wish I can go to a wicked music store to at least release the stress I got from letting one of my domains go. What happened was I failed to monitor the renewal schedule of two out of my four blogs and it was too late for me to realized that they were already cancelled.

I tried to negotiate for both of them but because of the penalty I can’t afford to recover the two so I decided on which to keep and to let go. As I weighed things out the sentimental value of the other blog sunk in to me plus the fact that the dot me (.me) domain is even more expensive to maintain. So I have now bid goodbye to emotera.me hoping that it can be sold still.

Office Upgrades


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There has been so much of upgrades that’s been happening in our work place such as on system tools and some machine processors. New versioning more like of having an iLok 2 are taking place.

While some of these are already lined up for implementations and some are already in progress, I wish that they also have plans of upgrading people not just on the position as well as on the skills and salary which have been promised long long time ago.

Series of resignations is currently being observed and I think its just right for them to think about giving what the employee deserve while they are here not when the talent has already planned to hop into another company.

Q2 Team Bonding


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Your Learning While Having Fun Committee (LWHF) in coordination with the Well-Being Council is excited to announce our first team bonding activity for this year!

It’s going to be a SUMMER OUTING type and it’ll start 2pm of April 29, 2016 at Terre Verte Farm Resort (Indang, Cavite). FPA employees should all take a 6am-2pm shift to give way for the set activities on the said date.

The resort will be for FPA’s exclusive use until the next day (Saturday) – corresponding survey will be rolled-out to identify people who will be staying overnight.

musician’s friend

Further announcement will follow. For inquiries, reach out to the respective LWHF representative(s) of your team.

Milk Tea Cravings


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Just the other night, on our way home coming from our department’s summer outing activity I felt this urge in me to have a sip of milk tea. We’ve been to a shop just within the vicinity and it was closed, decided to go to the mall where a Starbucks stand and it just as we arrived the signboard was flipped to close,tried to go a nearby town and things alike it was already closed then we decided to go home.

As we pass by the crossing then hubby saw a cafe we turned back to see if they do serve milk tea and we’re lucky enough that we even catch an acoustic band playing in there. Like a fortunate guitar center hours we did some jammin while we enjoy the drinks and chips that we ordered.

Q1.2016 Call with the Customers


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Two (2) days ago when I hosted a conference call and webex meeting with all my LOB (Line of Business) Finance customers. It was like I never know myself well as I had this feeling of anxiety and nervousness during the session. Admittedly, there are instances of me running out of words as if I do not know that thing I am talking about even though it was on of the reasons why I am having sleepless nights during the last days. i set it to end for an hour but I had this intention of finishing it really quick but with all those questions raised we ended almost just in time.

Well its a relief that finally its done.

Rositas Ring


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Around February when my officemate gave the very first yellow gold ring of my life. It was not for free but at a very affordable price. I showed it to my partner and he teased me about why I am getting an engagement ring for myself so I immediately responded that it is not the kind of ring it is a flower designed diamond the jeweller called “rositas”. I told him further that an engagement ring is normally a single stoned crown and also asked him to look for the different types of it at joy jewelers wedding bands. In there he would be able to see a variety of quality and affordable rings. Well actually I am. Just giving him a hint so he can save for it but I am not expecting anything really coz I don’t want to get dissappointed in the end.

Lucky Me


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For more than three (3) decades of existence, I have never been so lucky when it comes to raffle draws. But this year I guess the wind is blowing in a different direction. Just yesterday during the annual general assembly of our cooperative my name has been called for a prize which is a small kitchen appliance – a blender. Just a few months backs during our department’s Christmas party I won the same prize of the same kind but with different colors. While this is still one of the minor picks the fact that I have been chosen over a thousand of entries is already a sign of fortune.